Nox’s Playmate

November 22, 2020

After having a lazy morning hanging out with Nox, checking post, catching up on email and comments, it warmed up enough to go outside and do some raking. Nox happily followed me outside. While I set up the bag for raking by inserting a stiff bit to plastic into the bag to keep it open, Nox ran off to check on the live rabbit trap set up next to our fence.

She started barking! The trap had something in it! What was it? A squirrel! It was one of the mean squirrels that ran away when she tried to play with them! Nox barked at one side of the trap and the squirrel moved to the other side of the trap. Nox ran around the trap and barked at the squirrel from that side of the trap. Repeat! Nox was having a great time playing with the squirrel.

Bruce let Nox watch as he opened the side of the trap that was against the fence. The squirrel ran under the fence and disappeared in the neighbor’s yard. Nox then spent sometime sniffing along the fence and whining about the squirrel not wanting to play anymore.

This morning, she went to check to see if the squirrel came back, but her little playmate was not there!

4 thoughts on “Nox’s Playmate

    1. One time Luna swatted a squirrel running away, the same way cheetahs swat gazelles. The squirrel’s backend went out from underneath it, but it kept going and made it safely up the tree. Luna was so proud of herself.

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    1. Nox wants to chase the birds, but we tell her no. She’ll stop, but sometimes we catch her chasing birds if we didn’t go out with her. Sneaky little Nox! I do worry about her wanting to chase crows. They could hurt her if they decided not to fly away.

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