Oatmeal Puff Pancake {Gluten-Free Dutch Baby} — e2 bakes brooklyn

Did you know you can make a Puff Pancake {Dutch Baby} without any flour? And that by swapping in an equal volume of oats, reducing the milk, and getting the eggs extra foamy, you can get just as golden and rumply a result as in every other version you’ve ever had?Well, I didn’t. It hadn’t […]

Oatmeal Puff Pancake {Gluten-Free Dutch Baby} — e2 bakes brooklyn

I’ve made this twice now. Since Bruce is now in the reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet, I’ve been slowly adding foods back to his diet. I haven’t gotten to gluten yet, so Bruce is still gluten free. Since this was gluten free, I tried it because Bruce loves Dutch Babies. He felt the flavor of this was better than the Dutch Babies made with flour. If you have a powerful blender, this is so easy to make and so good!

I used almond milk instead of cow milk to make this lactose free. I did still use butter, since butter has never caused Bruce issues.

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