First Look at Trucks (Finding the Truck 1)

Yesterday, Bruce and I looked online for Dodge RAMs that matched our criteria. We wanted to test drive one that has the engine, transmission, and axel with the body configuration we want. We want the max tow package and a crew cab. We need a place to put the dogs. We also want the regular sized truck bed so we can put other things in it.

We found one truck with the max tow package and the crew cab, and decided to we should test drive the truck since it has the configuration that we want. We drove over to Christopher Dodge World to give the truck a test drive. We walked around looking at different dually trucks and trying to find the truck. It was not on the lot. So, the salesman checked to find it. It turned out the truck was in the body shop. There was some bumper damage from the transportation, so the truck wasn’t available for a test drive. The salesman did take us back and let us look at the truck.

It was a very nice truck, with lots of options, but it looked funny with the entire front removed. The salesman took Bruce’s information and promised to call when it was out of the body shop so we could take it for a test drive.

Today, Bruce looked up the truck and all the different packages it had on it. It has packages that we don’t need. In running the cost, all the extra packages added about an extra $6,000.

We may want to order a truck instead it of buying one off the lot.

Bruce also measured the garage to see if a 3500 dually with a crew cab would fit into the garage. It doesn’t fit, so the truck will have to live in the driveway when we get it.

Looking at physical trucks makes the RV Retirement Dream feel real.😊

Maybe soon? Picture from Dodge site

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