Starting to Look for the RV (3)…

Creating the List of What We Want

In the previous post, Starting to Look for the RV (2), I mentioned creating the list of things that we wanted in an RV. Here’s our list.

  • Space for our two dogs and their stuff. While the dogs aren’t big, they have a crate, a spare bed, a dog food bin, food dishes, water bowls, and box of dog clothes and grooming tools.
  • A separate bedroom from the living area. We didn’t want to have to put away the bed every morning.
  • A way to bring the Blue Star (Bruce’s V Star motorcycle) and our motorcycle gear.
  • Space for both of us to have desks. We both use computers a lot and I want to have room to write and draw.
  • The ability to easily watch television. When we watch TV, it is to watch movies or shows.
    • The seating needs to match our current distance or be closer to the TV.
    • We want the TV to be directly across from the seating, or the TV can pull out to be directly across.
    • Both of us should be able to comfortably watch TV.
  • The ability to get into the bathroom and bedroom with the slides in. We may be stopping at truck stops, rest areas, WalMart, or Costco on the way to a new location.
  • Room to store a grill or an outdoor kitchen. I love grilling.
  • Storage space for tools.
  • Storage space for out door chairs.
  • Full-time or extended stay RV. We want an RV that will hold up to full-time living.
  • Good insulation so heating and cooling cost aren’t as expensive.
  • In the bedroom, we wanted:
    • Closet space for clothes and shoes.
    • Queen size bed
    • Table by bed or a place to put a water cup
    • Light switch for reading lights on each side of bed
  • A kitchen large enough for me to feel comfortable making gourmet meals. I love to cook and want to continue to cook fun meals. A reasonable amount of pantry space.
    • At least an 18 cubit foot fridge
    • Storage space to put small appliances
    • Two sided sink with stock pot faucet
    • Counter space to prep food
    • Counter space next to the stove
    • Microwave
    • Kitchen island (this is a nice to have)
  • Bathroom
    • A shower big enough to stand up in.
    • Two sinks would be nice, but are not a must have.

After some addition discussion on how we might use the RV:

  • A generator, as we plan to boondock.
  • Space for batteries and solar, as we plan to boondock.
Taking your home with you
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