Starting to Look for the RV (4)

Walking Through the Momentum 376TH

We really wanted to walk through the Momentum 376TH to see if it really did fit our requirements as much as it seemed it would. We kept an eye out on RV trader and on the Windish RV web site, as Windish RV was the dealer that sold Grand Design in Colorado. (That is no longer the case, Cousins also now sells Grand Design.)

At the end of the summer of 2019, we saw that Windish had a Momentum 376TH in stock. We jumped on the chance to look through it. Having walked through other Momentum models and Solitude models, I had a very good idea of what to expect. It didn’t disappoint. It was just like I had expected; it is very nice, and appears to be a rolling condo, with upscale features.

While we were very excited by the Momentum 376TH, it had one very big down side. With the dinette room slide in, you couldn’t get to the bathroom or bedroom. The statement, “Everything is a comprise in RVs,” is true. The layout of the Momentum 376TH is such a great layout for us, that we still kept it in the running. We kept coming back to this model, over and over.

We discussed if having a access to bedroom and bathroom was that big of deal. What if we could just slide out the dinette room, would that be okay?

We are also looking at the Momentum 397TH, as well as some of the G Class Momentums. If the Momentum had a second bathroom, then the main TV is on an angle, which allows for comfortable TV watching. Some of the G Class Momentums are smaller, and we don’t need a large garage, and a second bath room might be very nice to have.

Taking your home with you
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