Starting to Look for the RV (2)…

Next Steps, RV Shows

I looked up RV shows online to find out when and where the next RV show would be. was very helpful, as well as and We didn’t have to wait long, as there was an RV show in Colorado Springs.

We didn’t realize that an RV show was really about dealers showing off their RVs, with some companies offering other RV products, such as hitches, etc. It seem pretty obvious now, but at the time, we thought individuals might be there, showing off their RVs and maybe even bus conversions. We thought it would be more like a car show.

Off we went to the Colorado Springs RV and Travel Expo (2018). I don’t know how many RVs we looked at, but from that show, we started to get a firm idea of what we wanted. Be prepared, it is a lot of walking and climbing up and down steps. While the steps into the RVs are short, at an RV show, there are sooooo many of them. I know it was more than 20 flights of stairs reported by my FitBit (TM) and well over 10,000 steps. Also, this show was mostly outside, so, I was really glad I had a hat and sun screen. You spend almost as much time outside as you do inside the RVs.

We had to wait until the next year for the next show. In January of 2019, we went to the Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show at the Colorado convention center. I took Friday off so we could spend a day looking at the RVs without fighting the crowds. We made a day of it, riding the G line light rail to downtown Denver, and then walking to the convention center. This was a very comfortable setting. We saw even more RVs. We got to see the Airstreams trailers and coaches. They were so beautiful…and I couldn’t see the both of us living in the Airstream long term. They felt small after some of the 5th wheels we had been looking at. Airstreams were no longer in the running. We also looked at some Class A’s. Most of them didn’t feel as big as the 5th wheels.

We got an even more ideas and started coming up with a list of wants. (See List Here) We started to narrow down the field and we became very interested in Grand Design toy haulers. In looking at the Grand Design site, the Momentum 376TH seemed to have so much of what we wanted.

We went to a third RV show at the National Western Complex – Denver, CO in March of 2019. This show was both indoors and outdoors. It felt like it had a lot more Class A’s than the other shows, though I’m not sure it had more than the January show. We were hoping that they would have a Momentum 376TH at the show, but they didn’t. We did find another brand that had a model very similar to the Momentum 376TH. Walking through that model help keep the Momentum 376TH on the short list.

Taking your home with you
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