Starting to Look for the RV…

First Steps

Bruce watched several of Technomadia’s (TM) YouTube videos and thought that a bus conversion might be the way to go. I agreed it did look interesting, but felt that I wanted to see other types of RVs. I love the look of Airstream trailers, and thought maybe an Airstream trailer would work for us. This document,, about the different types of RVs came in handy. It gave me a jump start on the lingo and what to generally expect of the different RV types.

After talking about RVing a lot, and thinking that small might be the way to go, I thought it would be a fun Saturday to see some RVs at one of the local dealerships. We are lucky to have several dealerships very close by. Bruce agreed, and one Saturday, we stopped by the RV Four Seasons dealership, off Youngfield RD, in Wheat Ridge Colorado. (They are now Cousins .)

Bruce explained to the salesman that we weren’t ready to buy, but we wanted to get an idea of the layouts of the different RVs. The salesman was kind enough to take us around the lot and show off the different RV types. He spent a good bit of time going over the models that they carried with us.

We started by looking at several Class C’s. (Look at me using the lingo!) Class C’s are motor coaches and what many people think of as RVs. They seemed so tiny! In trying to picture living in such a small space with two people, I realized that I wouldn’t enjoy it. Importantly, Bruce also agreed.

Next, we looked at travel trailers. We looked at small ones first, then larger ones. The larger ones seemed more do-able. Then onto the 5th wheels and toy-haulers. I walked into one 5th wheel, with the kitchen in the middle (more lingo!) and it had a cooking island. This was what I wanted! The salesman and Bruce watched my eyes light up. The 5th wheel had a lovely seating area with a fireplace, a kitchen I could see myself cooking in, and an actual bedroom.

We thanked the salesman, and I wish I could recall his name. He was so helpful, and there was no pressure at all.

Another Saturday, we stopped by the Wheat Ridge RV and looked at the models they had out. No helpful salesman, just, sure you can take a look.

Several of the bloggers and YouTubers mentioned that going to an RV show is really worth while. So, the next step was going to an RV show and seeing all the different RVs. Bruce was hoping to see a bus conversion.

Taking your home with you
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