Pottery Shop About a Mile and Half from Frog City RV Park in Louisiana

May 18, 2023

I noticed a sign at the intersection of US 90 and Louisiana 95 for Wortman Pottery. It was one of the point of interest signs put up by the county.

On Saturday (May 13), Bruce drove the truck to Potters Road, following Google maps. It was a short distance, about a mile and a half from the RV park. However, major electric utility work was being done and the road was blocked off.

I took a few minutes to figure out how to get to the pottery shop from “the back way”. Google maps just wanted us to do U-turns. It took us at little over four miles to get there from the back way.

The potters are the only people living on the road.

Sign at the Driveway

The shop had some beautiful pottery. I really wanted one of the blue bowls that could be used for baking bread. She had put a fleur-de-lis in the center bottom of the bowl so the fleur-de-lis would be on the round bread loaf. I had to remind myself several times need vs want. I just didn’t have a place to put it in the RV.

I enjoyed looking at the pottery.

She made stunning oysters shells for baking, broiling and grilling. They looked like real oyster shells and Bruce was fooled. He thought she had oyster shells laying about.

Oyster Shell Platter and Spoons

Bruce bought a cup that looked like a crawfish chimney with the blue variety of crawfish heading home, ie, down the chimney.

We spent almost two hours talking to the potter.

She was kind enough to let me take some pictures of crawfish trap she had on her porch. She explained how the traps are used.

The pole on the middle keeps the trap from collapsing and sticks in the mud to keep the trap upright. There were three wire tunnels into the trap. A stinky bait made from fish is put in the trap and the trap is lowered into the water, using a special boat.

The farmers rotate between farming rice and crawfish. We passed a flooded field with crawfish traps and the boat used to putting in traps and taking traps out.

The potter thanked us for the nice visit and we thanked her for the information and letting me take pictures.

If you are in the area and enjoy pottery, you should stop by the gallery.

10 thoughts on “Pottery Shop About a Mile and Half from Frog City RV Park in Louisiana

  1. Looks lovely! I love visiting pottery shops and collect McCarty (Mississippi). My greatest challenge is the need vs want. It’s hard when you see something so unique…like the oyster shells! Love those!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The platter in the picture was just for serving oysters. She made loose oyster shells to use for baking, broiling or chargrilling. The oyster shells that could be used for chargrilling could also be used for baking and broiling. The backs of these were white and they were more expensive. She also made oyster shells that could only be used for baking and broiling. These had grey strips on the back of the shells. Her pottery is amazing. I thought about it later, I could’ve bought some and put it in our storage unit.


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