West Pensacola in Florida, Road Trip – Part 2

April 4, 2023

After we decided to leave the park, we looked for attractions in the area using Google maps.

Bruce noticed a bird sanctuary nearby and I mentioned that we rode past on the way to the park. The reviews were positive and the cost was $5 a person, which covered the cost of entry and a cup of food to feed the birds. It seemed like it might be fun and it was directly on the way back to the CVS.

We pulled into Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park parking lot, next to a colorfully painted house, under an enormous live oak.

There was a large cage on one side of the parking and and entry way on the other side.

We paid our entry fee and were given a cup each. The silicone cups contained peanuts in the shell, sections of clementines, pieces of bread, and just barely softened pieces of penne pasta.

We were shown how to feed the birds. The birds with red stars on their cages tended to be more aggressive and wanted to bite. It was safe to feed them, as long as you didn’t get your fingers or hands to near the cage. If you saw the tongue come out, then you were far enough away that you couldn’t get bitten.

They have over 150 birds. Most of the birds are tropical, but they do have some chickens and a turkey.

Here are some pictures.

Peacocks roamed around.

They had two emus, but I only saw one.

We enjoyed our visit and feeding the birds. if you enjoy birds, I would recommend that you stop by.

Once we were back in the parking lot, we still had not received a text saying Nox’s medication was ready.

Bruce called the pharmacy and was told the prescriptions were ready. We rode the short distance to CVS and picked them up.

We were going to take a slightly longer route back home, but on the way, Google maps changed the route and Bruce passed the turn. We went back the same way we came, along Hwy 90.

While we were frustrated by CVS not originally have the medication ready, we got to do some fun things while we waited.

11 thoughts on “West Pensacola in Florida, Road Trip – Part 2

      1. I hear you, sister…but Randoman would still be complaining. And what is funny is that he is the one who taught me to just enjoy the trip instead of the destination!

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      2. Bruce stopped complaining as soon as we had something to do while we waited. He can grumble a bit until something makes it a positive experience. 😆

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