Nox Making Friends with Other Dogs

April 7, 2023

The other evening, we were walking Nox so she could do Nox things. The two Westies across the street came came over to visit with Nox as we headed back to our RV. The dogs were well behaved and Nox was happy to say “hi”.

We sat outside with Nox enjoying the lovely weather. Bella and her mom stopped by and were friendly to Nox.

Nox enjoys talking to other dogs and she was happy that she got to talk to three dogs.

9 thoughts on “Nox Making Friends with Other Dogs

  1. The pug likes to show dominance to other dogs and only seems to like other pugs or dogs about his size. No matter how old he is, he shows dominance to big and sometimes scary dogs in the neighborhood. I walk with my dog mace spray and alternately change routes.

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    1. Luna, the older dog we got at the same time as Nox, was the same way. She wanted to show her dominance to large dogs. I was always afraid she was going to get hurt or I was going to get hurt when large dogs appeared.

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