West Pensacola in Florida, Road Trip – Part 1

April 3, 2023

We need to pick up Nox’s medicine from a CVS in Florida since our veterinarian’s office can’t call in the prescription for out of state.

West Pensacola is very close to where we are staying, so it isn’t a big deal to ride to the CVS.

We rode the motorcycle to the CVS and discovered that they hadn’t filled the prescription. The veterinarian’s office had left out some information needed by the pharmacy. The pharmacy didn’t call us or the veterinarian’s office. Sigh!

The pharmacy said they’d have the prescription done after their lunch. So, Bruce asked me what did I want to do. I suggested finding a park to visit.

Google maps was very helpful and found a nice park for us, Escambia County Park.

The parking for this park wasn’t clear and we rode past the park. Bruce turned around and we parked in the 4-H lot.

The park at first appeared to be just a walking trail/frisbee golf course.

As we walked along the path, it took us to the Master Gardener’s gardens. The gardens were small but well laid out. There were several short paths through out the garden, making it seem much larger.

We walked to the other side of the park, following the trail as it looped around to the buildings.

We stopped and sat on a beach overlooking the sensory garden. It had a blue bird house in it with nesting blue birds.

We still hadn’t heard from the pharmacy, so we decided to do something else while we waited.

I’ll have another post on our continuing adventures in West Pensacola, FL.

15 thoughts on “West Pensacola in Florida, Road Trip – Part 1

    1. It was! They had benches and a gazebo. It was lovely. I am sure later in the year, it would be filled with more flowers. I seen so many Amaryllis boarders in this area.

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    1. Nox’s shoulder injury is worse. The veterinarians don’t want to operate on her. Since she is so small, it is difficult for the repair surgery and it might make it worse. They were not the least optimistic that it would help her. Nox has developed a pronounced limp.


    1. Nox hurt her shoulder-similar to a torn ACL. The vets won’t operate because she is such a small dog. They are afraid of making it worse. She limps along and we give her painkillers to help her. Somedays, she feels a lot better than others.


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