Meet Up with Fellow Blogger

April 1, 202

Beth, from A Year of Kayaking, stopped by today. She is traveling to Louisiana from Florida and I was on her way.

We had a lovely visit. Nox enjoyed meeting Beth as well. Nox started to bark then realized that Beth was a nice person. Since Beth was nice person, Nox wanted some petting from Beth.

Beth was kind enough to knit this beautiful scrubby washcloth for me. I love the texture and the colors.

Scrubby Washcloth with my Hand to Show Size

We walked around the campground a bit and she got a chance to look at the Styx River.

I had read her email wrong and thought she was coming tomorrow. I was glad we hadn’t left for the grocery run yet, when I got her text saying she was at the Alabama welcome center. I had planned to buy shrimp and have make a shrimp lunch for Beth.

Since we hadn’t gotten the groceries yet, we punted and went to The Warehouse restaurant. They have lovely fried oysters. Bruce had been wanting to go back and this gave him an excuse.

Beth – Thank you so much for the lovely scrubby washcloth. Safe travels and I hope to see some more pictures of your kayaking adventures. I love your wildlife pictures and your knitting projects!

11 thoughts on “Meet Up with Fellow Blogger

  1. What a delightful surprise to have Beth from A Year of Kayaking visit you and Nox! It sounds like you had a lovely time exploring the campground and admiring the Styx River. And how sweet of Beth to gift you with such a beautiful scrubby washcloth. It’s always wonderful to meet new friends on your travels. Safe travels to Beth and happy shrimp lunch making to you!

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  2. What a beautiful gesture from Beth. I’ve never heard of a scrubby washcloth, and a knitted one at that, so there’s something more to explore for later (I am a newbie knitter!).

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    1. I was thrilled when she said she’d make one for me. I had admired a picture of a finished scrubby washcloth she had made. I love the colors and the texture!


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