Friends Over for Lunch

March 31, 2023

We had some friends over for lunch. We meet them at the Forest River Owners Group (FROG) Rally last year. They were our neighbors.

Rick and Bruce hung out while Mary and I tried to recover from our medical problems. Mary had a hip replacement and I had sprained ankle.

We met up at again at the Lippert Getaway. Mary and I were feeling better by then. I was able to get around by that time and Mary could move around much better.

Bruce and Rick keep in touch via Facebook. We discovered that Rick and Mary would be staying in the RV park next to ours.

On Sunday, we met up for dinner with them and at dinner, I invited them over for lunch on Wednesday.

It rained so much on Wednesday, that we switched the date to Thursday.

I made shrimp pasta and a salad. Mary brought a cake that was divided into four sections. There was a German chocolate cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake, and carrot cake.

The shrimp pasta was a big hit. After we ate, we sat and talked for a bit. We then walked over to the river and they admired the pavilion set up by the river.

We then walked around the park so they could see the park set up.

We then sat outside with the awnings out to enjoy the cool weather.

We talked about our rigs and Rick and Mary wanted to see ours. Bruce and I demonstrated the garage door, then we showed off the basement storage and the front storage with the generator.

We went inside and showed Mary the bathroom and bedroom. Rick had already seen the bathroom.

It started warming up, so we closed the windows and turned on the air conditioners. We had room for dessert by then, so we ate some of the cakes Mary brought.

After cake, they needed to get back to their RV to take their dogs out. We walked them back to their RV park.

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