Regular Living Tasks, Oil Change and Tire Replacement

March 8, 2023

Today, I drove Cliff the Big Red Truck to the Motorsports Freaks motorcycle shop. Bruce rode the motorcycle to the shop. We took different routes and he beat me to the shop.

The motorcycle needs the front tire replaced and the oil changed.

Bruce was filling out the work order when I arrived. I was rather amused by the calendars the shop was selling. If those girls rode in those outfits, I am sure it wouldn’t be comfortable.

Bruce had worn out his summer weight gloves, so he bought a pair of summer weight gloves.

We then went to buy some groceries. We passed the motorcycle shop on the way to get propane. The motorcycle looked a bit lonely in the lot.

Picture is of the motorcycle in a parking lot.

5 thoughts on “Regular Living Tasks, Oil Change and Tire Replacement

  1. As a person who likes lists and post-it notes, I like to think of myself as the Queen of living tasks however mundane they may be. My husband is quite the opposite, so it works out fine in the end!

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