What a Moving Day!

February 19, 2023

Our time at Blythe Island Regional Park in Georgia came to an end on Sunday, February 12. Saturday, it rained all day, so we couldn’t do our normal outside preparations. I did as much as possible inside to be prepared to leave on Sunday.

We wanted to leave early on Sunday to get to the Tallahassee Automotive Museum for our Harvest Host Spot for the night.

Things did not work out that well on Sunday morning.

I’ll use Bruce’s Facebook post to tell how it went.

“Yesterday morning, we prepared to leave Blythe Island campground near Brunswick, GA. It was rainy all day Saturday, so I waited until Sunday morning to move the motorcycle into the garage, instead of doing it the night before as usual. Sunday morning, the alarm didn’t go off, since I didn’t actually turn it on, so we got up a little late. When I turned the key on the bike, it clicked, then the display went dead. After trying to charge it for a bit from the truck, it started, but wouldn’t stay running, so I think I have a problem with the charging circuit. Maybe the rain wasn’t good for it, though motorcycles should be able to handle rain. Anyway, I duck-walked it from the front of the site to the back, got it lined up for the garage, and with Julia’s help, we pulled it into the garage using some chain and a cable come-along. Not fun. Now it’s a problem for Future Bruce. At least this time I know I didn’t leave it with the key in, turned on. That battery may be dead—I’ll test it with my smart charger. Once we got that taken care of, and got the rest of the departure work done, we were able to get out about 11:30, a little late instead of a bit early. We still got into our overnight stop in time. That was the Harvest Host site I posted about.”

Bruce sat on the motorcycle to keep it upright while I used the come-along to pull the motorcycle into the garage.

We finished the rest of checklist and headed out of the campground to our first Harvest Host visit in Tallahassee, FL.

Along the way, looking out the truck window, I saw a big alligator (six to eight feet) in the swamp as we drove past a small swampy creek! I thought it was a log at first, then, I realized it had eyes! I was not nearly as excited as when I saw a bear, but I was excited.

We checked in at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum right around 4:00 pm for our Harvest Host stay. We got instructions from the cashier on where to park. She was well organized. She showed us a laminated map and provided a piece of paper with additional information.

They lock main gates at 5:00 pm, but there is a walkway gate that remains open.

Bruce drove the rig around and got it parked. We leveled it on opened a couple of slides.

We decided to wait until the morning to tour the museum. We did walk around the grounds.

I got such a kick out of their sign, I had to share the pictures I took of it.

It was freezing that night, just below 32 F (0 C) and we had to run the furnace. Running the furnace means we are using batteries for more than just the fridge. Bruce checked on the batteries a couple of times and ran the generator both times. We did stay warm.

I am going to do another post about the museum tour.

6 thoughts on “What a Moving Day!

    1. Hi Howard,

      Thank you! I’ll be posting more pictures of the Tallahassee Automotive Museum.

      It was great to see you. We enjoyed visiting with you.

      Take care,


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