Arrived at Blythe Island Regional Park in Georgia

February 3, 2023

We packed up and left Trails End RV Park in Floral City, FL and headed to Blythe Island Regional Park in Georgia on Sunday, January 29.

These pictures were taken through the truck window and there was some reflections that impacted the quality of the pictures.

We stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center off Exit 1. There is a submarine museum in St. Mary’s, so the Welcome Center has a torpedo on display.

We walked Nox around the large picnic area that allowed dog walking. Near the building, dogs weren’t allowed, so we didn’t take Nox there.

We continued down I-95 until Exit 29, then we exited the freeway on to Hwy 17. Since we were getting low on fuel, we pulled into the TA to fill up. They had the lowest price on the Open Roads app.

With a full tank, we continued just a short ways to GA 303. This road parallels I-95 for a bit. We could see the I-95 bridges as we crossed the South Brunswick River.

Georgia 303 crosses under I-95 with no exits to I-95. Just past the I-95 bridge, there is the turn off for Blythe Island Regional Park.

It was a tight right turn in our rig. The trailer wheels went up on the curb on the passenger side. Bruce went very slowly so he wouldn’t do any damage to either the tires or the leveling foot behind the tires.

Once we were through the gate, we saw a sign telling us the campground was 1.3 miles ahead.

The office was closed, but they had our paperwork waiting for us.

We got a long pull through site. It was tight side to side though.

We followed our set up checklist. It was a very good thing we did, since we determined a tree would interfere with the kitchen slide. We also saw a root right where the front camping side foot would rest.

Bruce backed up the rig enough that foot wasn’t going to come down onto the root. See the picture above. I am not sure if you can tell, but the root was about three inches above the ground in the middle. This would’ve damaged the rig foot. He also lined the rig up so the kitchen slide was just past the tree.

I helped by being his eyes and using the walkie-talkie to let him know when the rig was clear.

We will be staying on Blythe Island for two weeks, while we visit my father-in-law on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

4 thoughts on “Arrived at Blythe Island Regional Park in Georgia

  1. I am behind on reading the blogs I follow for various reasons. Anyway, it seems to me like you guys are pros at setting up and taking down your RV. Glad you were able to reposition your 5th wheel to avoid the obstacles. Wayne is still really nervous when he has to do it, but we have still only used our RV a few times. We will be in this one spot for 3 months, and then back home.

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