North End of the Riverwalk in Columbus Georgia

December 2, 2022

We decided to check out the north end of the Riverwalk in Columbus Georgia. We parked near the entrance. The red mark is were the trail starts or ends, depending on how you consider it.

From the main trail is a little side trail that goes down to the river. There are a lot of steps to get down to the side trail. Bruce carried Nox down and up the steps.

We admired the dam for a bit then turned around. We went back the way we came, with Nox being carried up the stairs.

The Riverwalk in this area is well maintained, with street lights along one side. There were benches and picnic tables along the Riverwalk.

We passed an old cemetery.

We reach the section that crossed under US 80.

Past the bridge, we came to a section that had water on both sides of the trail, with a covered bridge crossing over a creek that feed into the river.

There was a park by the river. There was this house that reminded me of my mid-century home before the RV life. My house wasn’t this fancy, but I still miss it sometimes.

We decided it was getting late and we should turn around at this park.

I noticed the emergency warning box on this light. The area next to the river can become dangerous due to downpours upstream.

We did stop at this beautiful little picnic area and get some pictures.

After we walked back, we stopped at the Lake Oliver Marina. It is upstream of the Oliver Dam. There is a park with picnic tables there. I was interested in capturing the sunset.

I did notice something very smart. They have a loaner station for life jackets. I had not seen one of these before.

Bruce drove us home. At a light from the truck, I managed to get one more picture of the sunset as the clouds turned pink.

I enjoyed the late afternoon walk. Nox was tired and enjoyed snuggling up to me while I am writing this on my phone.

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