Columbus Riverwalk in Georgia

November 10, 2022

Yesterday, we started our Riverwalk on the Alabama side in Phenix City. We crossed over to the Columbus Georgia side of the river on the large pedestrian bridge.

On the upstream side of the bridge, from the bridge we could see an arch that says Columbus Riverwalk.

Once across the bridge, I saw a map of the trails.

There was construction going on. We stopped to watch concrete being poured from a concrete truck into a container being lifted by a crane. The container was moved to a column and the concrete was poured from the container.

We then continued on our walk.

The views of the Chattahoohee River are beautiful from both sides of the river. The kayakers were gone by the time we made to the rapids.

We walked past the old powerhouse. There was a poem written with iron letters along the edge of the powerhouse. We walked across a bridge to see the more of the powerhouse. We could see the chute for kayaking. There was a great blue heron.

We continued our walk downstream towards Dillingham Street.

We walked through the Memorial to local veterans killed in action. The Memorial had letters from the young men to their families and the letters sent by the young soldier’s commanding officers on how the soldiers died serving their country. The letters from the young men to their families were heart breaking. The pictures of the letters did not come out.

There was a playground and a food hall across the street from the playground. We could see into the amphitheater on the Alabama side.

We crossed the Dillingham Street bridge to get back to the truck.

Cliff, the Big Red Truck

I couldn’t resist getting my picture taken with the wings.

We made a loop, so it was easy to get back to our truck.

We had a wonderful time walking on the two riverwalks. I hope to go back and walk on different areas of the riverwalks.

4 thoughts on “Columbus Riverwalk in Georgia

  1. I love all of this, Julia! It may be my favorite post/place you have been. It is beautiful on the river, and all the historic information is fascinating. I have never been here, but it looks like I should plan a trip!

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    1. It is really stunning scenery. I was impressed by how much history was here. I love just walking along the river and seeing the rocks. I was disappointed that it wasn’t allowed to go out on the rocks without a life vest.

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