Phenix City Riverwalk in Alabama

November 10, 2022

I wanted to see the Columbus Riverwalk in Georgia, so yesterday (November 9), we headed over to Historic District in Columbus.

Once in the Historic District, we started looking for parking, but the parking garages weren’t designed for a 22 foot long dually truck. Other parking lots were reserved and we didn’t want to be towed.

Finally, we crossed the Chattahoochee River along the Dillingham Street bridge into Alabama at Phenix City. Just past the bridge, we saw a parking lot to our right and it wasn’t a reserved parking lot. We were able to park in the wide open lot.

Once we got out of the truck, we realized there was a Phenix City Riverwalk and we were at the beginning of it. We decided to walk along the Phenix City Riverwalk as it looked interesting.

We crossed the brick bridge and continued along the Riverwalk. There was a zip line course.

We noticed some kayakers and stopped to watch them.

We crossed a wooden bridge.

We continued on and crossed under a bridge. We saw a large pedestrian bridge ahead. We came to a metal bridge with a informational sign. There was also a small park by the bridge with toilets.

We crossed the metal bridge and came to the pedestrian bridge that goes to Historic Columbus in Georgia.

I’ll do another post for the Columbus Riverwalk after we crossed the pedestrian bridge.

16 thoughts on “Phenix City Riverwalk in Alabama

    1. I really enjoyed Bushnell, FL and visiting with my father-in-law on Jekyll Island, GA. I really wish my ankle had been better while we were in Goshen, Indiana. I think it would have been wonderful to do some exploring there. Guntersville, AL is wonderful. I love the lake there. I am finding Columbus, GA to be a lot of fun. There is a lot to see and do here. But my most favorite place was Golden, CO because I got to catch up with so many of my friends!

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      1. It is a lot better, but I still have to wear a wrap. I can walk on the flat without any problems and can even walk up hills. I have to watch out for things that can cause me to twist my ankle.

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