Volunteer Event at the Lippert Getaway in Pine Mountain, Georgia

October 31, 2022

On Thursday morning (October 27), Bruce and I participated in the the two volunteer events at the Lippert Getaway. Bruce went to the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park to help with clearing out branches. I stayed at the campground and helped pack bags for the Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta, GA.

Bruce had a grand time helping to clear a road. After the event, he stayed and talked to a ranger for a while. The Park Ranger was so grateful to all the RVers who came out to help clear up roads and paths. The ranger told Bruce that they weren’t getting as many volunteers. They would have a group of ten signed up, and maybe four would show. They had so many actual volunteers at this event, the park rangers had to meet to determine how best to use everyone.

Bruce came home with his arms scratched up very badly. He got into something thorny. He was able to get the blood cleaned off before coming back to the RV.

I stayed back at the campground. In the Activities Building, the Lippert folks had set up tables with boxes of goods underneath and stickers on the tables. The tables were given letters in alphabetical order and each station was given a number. My station was A4.

Table A was assigned to the volunteers who arrived first. We unpacked our boxes with the products to get ready to fill our bags.

We filled large, clear ziplock bags with puzzle books, coloring books, coloring pencils, toothpaste with a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a comb, band aids, and a few other items. The unpacked boxes of products allowed us to quickly fill the clear ziplock bags.

The bags were loaded into boxes; the boxes loaded into a van and a trailer.

Once the van and trailer were full, the Lippert folks drove to Atlanta to drop off all the item. The Boys & Girls Club was so happy to get these items.

I was impressed with how well organized the event was. It went very quickly and we had a great time loading the bags.

For my friends who are also RVers, Lippert has created an easy way to find volunteer opportunities on the road. Download the Lippert Communities app and look for the seRV with Purpose icon in the app. Lippert just released the seRV with Purpose app, so it doesn’t have a lot of opportunities in it yet. If you know of something that could us volunteers, please check out the app.

P.S. Table A did finish first!

9 thoughts on “Volunteer Event at the Lippert Getaway in Pine Mountain, Georgia

  1. First to start, first to finish? I’m glad to see the community turn out to help. And I will give it a while, and I’m bookmarking the Lippert seRV app. Thank you – and I hope you keep reminding the world that service is fun!

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    1. Oh, we started loading the bags at the same time, it was our prep work before loading the bags that helped. The toothpaste was in a box, with plastic wrapping holding 4 boxes together. Having removed the wrap ahead of time, saved a lot of time when loading the bags. We didn’t have nearly as many slowdowns because of the prep work.


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