Hanging with Friends in Woodstock, Georgia

October 24, 2022

One of the things we did in the Woodstock area was visit with friends.

One of our friends came over and hung out with us at our campfire after we had dinner at a restaurant.

Another day, we meet up with a couple in Woodstock for lunch. Woodstock was decorated for Halloween!

I loved the pumpkin Snoopy!

It was wonderful to catch up with friends. One of our friends built a tear drop camper, we hope he’ll be able to go camping with us sometime.

4 thoughts on “Hanging with Friends in Woodstock, Georgia

    1. They are small campers that can be pulled by a car or SUV. “The modern teardrop-shaped RV, compact in size, has traditionally been designed with a back section that curves downward to close into a point, giving the RV the recognizable shape. These small travel trailers can be pulled by the family car or a small SUV equipped with a hitch but have a basic kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area.”


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