Ditto Landing in Alabama

September 28, 2022

Last weekend, we meet up with friends at Ditto Landing parking lot near Huntsville, AL.

We walked along the Tennessee River Greenway trail. It is an easy walk, level and flat. The scenery was stunning!

While we were walking, we noticed a sculling class.

The teacher was in a motorboat with a bullhorn and she called out instructions to the students.

We walked to the end of the trail. It was a boat ramp area with a picnic tables overlooking the Tennessee River.

We sat for a while, just enjoying the scenery and talking.

We headed back along the trail and I noticed this art installation. it didn’t have any information on it.

The bridge came back in view.

We walked back to the parking lot, then over to the lower campground. It was in the trees, with 30 amp power, water and no sewer. It was run down. Picnic tables were missing benches. Potholes were everywhere.

We walked along the road to the much newer upper campground. It was in full sun around a pond. It had full hookups with 50 amps.

We walked back to our vehicles through the picnic area.

We drove into Huntsville and meet up for for lunch.

We had brought Nox with us, so we picked a dog friendly restaurant and sat on the patio with Nox. She always gets attention. She had three little kids come over and want to pet her.

After lunch, we headed back to the RV.

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