Cave Country RV Park Review

September 2, 2022

Nox found the Cave Country RV Park at Cave City in Kentucky to be a lovely park. There were no burs, lots of interesting smells, and grass. The “bark park” was beautiful. Nox enjoyed walking around it. She even got to meet some other dogs.

While Nox enjoyed the park, we enjoyed it as well. There were many gardens and flowering shrubs. The roads were wide enough and the sites were long pull-throughs. They also have a nice pavilion for group picnics. Each site had a picnic table, grass, and fire ring.

If you don’t like RV parks near active rail lines, you won’t like this park. The trains rumbled past during the night and the whistle blew sometimes.

There were lots of the standard fast food spots as well as some independent restaurants within a mile of the RV park. If my ankle wasn’t hurt, I would say the restaurants were with easy walking distance. Mammoth Caves is very nearby as well. Dinosaur World is just a mile or so away.

If we could’ve stayed the Labor Day Weekend, we would’ve.

4 thoughts on “Cave Country RV Park Review

  1. And Nox gives another 10-paw rating! I like the name “Bark Park” also, and that white flower with the pinkish red tinges. It is the second of your flower pictures I want to attempt to paint, but I am still practicing! I like the sound of trains.

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    1. Nox is so smart. As soon as she steps on a bur that hurts, she stops and holds up her foot. Bruce or I will pull the burs out. We hate that she gets burs and we don’t plan to go back to parks with burs.

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