Made It to Lake Sara Campground in Effingham, IL

August 5, 2022

We left our previous campground at 11:00 am this morning. We took I-57 most of the way from Sikeston, Missouri to Effingham, Illinois. We will not be getting a new state sticker since we spent the night in Illinois when we picked up our RV.

We went over the Mississippi River and saw the state line for Illinois on the bridge over the Mississippi River.

Once we were on the other side of the bridge, there was a welcome sign for Illinois. The pictures didn’t turn out that great since I rolled up my window.

We stopped for fuel and Nox woke up and started looking around. We pulled into the truck parking after fueling up the truck and Bruce walked over Taco Bell for some tacos. I took Nox over to the grass for a very short walk. We ate and then headed back onto the road.

We’ve stopped? Can I get out?

We stopped a nice rest area a ways into the state. I did not see a welcome center for Illinois. Nox enjoyed having Bruce walk her around.

Lake Sara Campground is not to far off our route, but we did have to keep an eye out for the roads.

Bruce did all the set up and I stayed in the truck with the AC running. I feel bad that I am not really able to help him with the set up and pack up right now. Here’s a picture of the campground from one of the windows.

8 thoughts on “Made It to Lake Sara Campground in Effingham, IL

  1. I love photographs of the Mississippi River and its bridges. I have several in my “collection.” This will sound weird, but I also really like the photo of that green truck, plus, Nox looks so cute with her bed-head! Hopefully, your foot/ankle will be better soon after your medical intervention.

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    1. I love pictures of bridges as well. This one looked like an older bridge. The one at Greenville, MS is a stunning modern bridge, all elegance and grace. I wish there were pull off spots to take pictures of the bridges. Nox sleeps most of the time when traveling. She’ll wake up when we stop or when we hit a particularly bad section of road. She wake up and looks around and you can almost hear her saying, “just what are you doing to shake my bed so hard?” I am hoping the doctor can do something. Fingers crossed!

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      1. The older ones are really my favorites, but there are indeed some stunning new bridges. I hope it is not a hairline fracture–I did that tripping over a ladder and it meant six weeks in a boot. But, it really did help–that was the good news.

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