Moving to a New Spot in Campground

August 7, 2022

We were placed in an overflow site in the Lake Sara Campground on Friday, with the plan to move on Sunday. The overflow site has full hookups. It is at a diagonal to two other sites and blocks them from being pull-throughs. The picture below of the overflow site is taken from the site we moved into.

Overflow Site

Nox and I sat outside on the picnic table bench while Bruce packed up the rig and moved it. Nox was happy to be outside with me at first. She explored the campsite.

Once Bruce started to do things outside of the rig, Nox wanted to go play with him. Then she became concerned when she realized the truck and RV were pulling away. I had to hold her on my lap to calm her down.

I enjoyed sitting at the picnic table and seeing the lake.

When the truck and RV started coming back towards us, she relaxed. Bruce was not leaving us!

Bruce pulled the rig into the new campsite and Nox was so pleased. Her Bruce was here!

Bruce unhitched the truck from the RV and set up the RV. The pictures below show our new site with the RV just pulled in and then being set up.

7 thoughts on “Moving to a New Spot in Campground

    1. She is very clever. RVing has given her a whole new world to learn. She had a bit of “this is scary” start, but once she got used to the idea, she has really taken to the RV life.


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