Doctor’s Appointment in Effingham, IL

August 4, 2022

Those of you who have been following my blog know I hurt my left ankle and then hurt it again by trying to toe off a shoe.

I was lucky enough to get a doctor’s appointment in Effingham, IL on for Tuesday. I am hoping the doctor will be able to do something to allow me to be more mobile at the FROG Rally.

Effingham is a stop along the way to the FROG Rally. We’ll be there for a week starting on Friday.

14 thoughts on “Doctor’s Appointment in Effingham, IL

  1. I like seeing that you are keeping it elevated and iced! No point in making it worse, after all – May the doc be wise and skilled – but I won’t be surprised if they tell you to stay off it. Can you rent a mobility device of some kind so you can fully participate in FROG?

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