Desperately Seeking Mercury

June 28, 2022

Last Wednesday (June 22), we got up early to see the planet alignment. This was just before 5:00 am. Nox was excited to go with us, so we put the harness on her and let her come with us.

I took some pictures of the alignment. In the first picture below, Jupiter is at the top right of the picture, Mars is in the lower left, and the moon is to the right of Mars. It is the largest object in the picture. In the next picture, you can see Venus in the top middle of the picture.

I did not take any pictures of Saturn, even though it was visible.

Mercury was rising in the sunrise. We would see very short glimpses of it before it was covered with clouds again. I was not able to get picture of it. The sunrise was beautiful.

Nox was not impressed with all the standing around we were doing. She was ready to go back to the RV well before we were done seeking Mercury in the clouds.

Nox ready to go home.

On the way back to the RV, we saw a large number of geese.

Canadian Geese

Bruce noticed an armadillo on the left side of the road. As I pulled out my phone to take a picture. It disappeared into the culvert underneath the road. It popped out of the culvert and ran towards the woods. It ran along the edge of the woods, then across the field and into the woods across the walking path.

We speculated it was the same armadillo that we saw earlier when we were out at sunrise. It was about the same time of day and in the same location.

Nox was happy to get home and to go back to sleep. She just thought it would be fun.

6 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Mercury

  1. Yes, Nox, sometimes when we get what we thought we wanted, we don’t want it after all! The sunrise photos, and of course, the planets before dawn! are all gorgeous. I was thinking “how can a little place on the bayou in Louisiana have such a stunning sunrise?” but I guess there are lots of little places that produce them. Thanks for getting up early for the rest of us!

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    1. Haha! Thank you for the compliment of the pictures. The sunrise and sunsets in Poverty Point State Park have been stunning. While I am use to the glorious sunrises and sunsets of Colorado, this park had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

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  2. That’s pretty cool, Julia! I was too lazy to get up and see them (plus I have an obstructed view looking east). But I’m glad somebody saw them!

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