Delhi, LA City Park

June 28, 2022

We stopped at the Delhi, LA City Park. This park is next to the Bayou Macon. There was a boat ramp into the Bayou Macon and a pier next to the boat ramp. I did not take pictures of the boat ramp or pier.

There was a very nice playground. I considered taking pictures of it, but children were playing on the playground. I didn’t want to be the stranger taking pictures of children at the playground.

We did walk down to a structure in the Bayou Macon that was causing a waterfall.

There was a railroad bridge over the Bayou Macon that could easily be seen from this spot.

There was an egret.

I saw several crayfish mud homes.

We walked back to the truck and left the park. It is a great park for children.

2 thoughts on “Delhi, LA City Park

  1. I made a pit stop at Delhi on one of my trips and decided to go downtown. It was fun photographing the various old buildings, but that was the extent of my exploration. Glad you got to see a bit of it, and love the waterfall pictures at the park.

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    1. Oddly enough, we didn’t stop in downtown. We did ride the motorcycle along Historic Highway 80 through downtown Delhi. I thought we might go and walk through it, but we didn’t.

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