Poverty Point Reservoir State Park

February 2, 2022

Bruce asked me what I wanted to do today. I only had one suggestion, which was to have have fried catfish at a nearby restaurant.

I started looking to see what else was nearby and saw that a large state park was close by. The park had some trails and I thought we could do with a walk in nature.

I suggested to Bruce that we take the motorcycle to the park. He thought that sounded like fun. Bruce walked Nox while I geared up. It takes me longer than Bruce to gear up.

During the ride to the state park, I felt really retired for the first time. Being retired is starting to sink in and feel fun.

The Poverty Point Reservoir State Park is beautiful and this time of year, there weren’t any insects. We did hear some frogs on the walk.

We did not see any bears, so we didn’t have to worry about feeding them.

We also decided to check out the RV campground in the park. It is a beautiful campground, with full hookups and fire rings. The campsites are spacious, with lots of room between sites. The sites are paved with blacktop for the RVs to park on. Most of the sites looked level. The park also has restrooms and showers. These were very clean.

We rode around the reservoir and saw many different birds. I wish there had been a pull over so I could have taken some additional pictures of the birds and trees.

On the way around the reservoir, we saw the cabins that could be rented. They are built out over the water and looked like they would be a lot of fun to stay in.

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