Traveling to Poverty Point State Park, LA from Ranch 380 RV Park in Texas

June 15, 2022

We left the Ranch 380 RV Park in the Fort Worth, TX area around 9:30 am. There was surprisingly little traffic on the ring road of I-35E.

We did run into one traffic jam on our way around Dallas, but it was due to an exit ramp being backed up.

Nox Ready to Walk at Rest Stop

We cut a corner by using I-635 to Highway 80 to I-20. The eastern part of Texas has lush green trees and is so different from the western part of Texas. Please excuse the poor quality of some of the pictures. You can see my fingers and phone being reflected in the truck window.

We crossed into Louisiana, but didn’t stop at the rest stop.

Welcome to Louisiana Sign

I did get a picture of the Red River as we drove over the bridge.

River Boat Casino on Red River

We drove through Shreveport, LA and the roads are just as bad as we remembered them being. Thank goodness Bruce bolted down the wheel dock for the motorcycle. The motorcycle didn’t move at all this time. We did have the fire escape window in the bedroom come open and lock onto the out position from all the bouncing. I noticed this after we stopped to get diesel in Minden, LA.

We arrived at Poverty Point State Park, LA just around 3:30 pm.

Bruce unloaded the motorcycle in a parking lot at the front of the campsite road. He then pulled the RV around the road to just past our site so he could back into the site. Backing in was not easy and it took several pull forwards, turns, back ups. Bruce has gotten great at pulling the rig, but this was the second time he has tried to back the rig up. Between us, we got the rig in place.

After we got the rig set up, Bruce walked back to his motorcycle and rode it to the campsite. He parked it next to the RV. Nox seemed to be happy to be in a new place as Bruce took he for a walk.

It is good to be settled for a bit. I am looking forward to seeing Poverty Point World Heritage Center. There is a lot to see and do within 30 miles of the park.

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