Boot Hill RV Park Review

June 11, 2022

Boot Hill RV Park was all gravel, which is what you expect in the desert. There were some trees, they aren’t big enough to provide shade. The campsites are close together and long pull through sites with full hookups. The campsites are fairly level. We had no problems with the power. The water did not taste good, but that was not something the park could change, as it was city water.

The office is a small gift shop. The laundry and showers are in the same building as the office in the back. They also had an exercise room. There was a lovely picnic area by the office.

The RV park has two dog walks and two dog parks. The dog parks and walks are gravel. Nox likes to pee and poop in grass, so she wasn’t happy about having to pee and poop on gravel. At least she didn’t have any burs to get into her fur.

The roads were easy for us to use and pull our rig through. The park has two gates, one along the highway and one along the side road. The highway is very busy, so I recommend that you come in at the side road.

The sunsets were spectacular! We also had a view of the “World’s Largest Pistachio”.

14 thoughts on “Boot Hill RV Park Review

  1. That looks like a nice RV park, not too crowded. Some people we used to know lived in Dodge City for a few years back in the 1990’s. We went on a road trip to the southwest and stopped to see them. I remember going to Boot Hill.

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      1. It is worse to see her holding up her little paw and knowing she is in pain. I looked for burs and didn’t see them until after she got hurt.


      2. Years ago we put baby tube socks on a pup….tossed them if something got stuck or too messy but really helped pads stay healthy.

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    1. We filter the water that goes into the RV and our filters do a good job. Still, the water in Alamogordo, NM was not as pleasant as other water we’ve had. After that experience, I have been considering getting a Berky (sp?) filter.


      1. If you have room, and can carry it securely, it’s probably worth it. I have a friend with one on her kitchen counter; she loves it. But it is BIG! I assume they come smaller than hers, but I’d not have room for something like that in my van conversion.

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