On the Way to Santa Rosa, NM for a Night

June 4, 2022

We left Dakota Ridge RV Resort in Golden, Colorado this morning at 10:14 AM. We looped around onto C-470 from Colfax Avenue and headed south to I-25. Surprisingly, traffic wasn’t too bad. Very often traffic is very bad between Denver, Castle Rock, and Colorado Springs.

I got a couple of nice pictures of Pike’s Peak on the way to Colorado Springs.

I don’t usually take pictures in cities since I am helping Bruce keep an eye on traffic.

I took some pictures between Colorado Springs and Pueblo. I also got a picture of the Arkansas River in Pueblo, Colorado.

The rest area just north of Trinidad, Colorado is very fun. They have tiles on the floor with various pictographs. Some of them are modern and some of them are not.

I got a great shot of the mesas around Trinidad Colorado as we drove past. From Trinidad, we continued on I-25 into New Mexico; I didn’t see a welcome to New Mexico sign at the border.

Please excuse the poor quality of some of the pictures I was getting a reflection from the truck air conditioner vent in the passenger window.

We noticed smoke as we neared Las Vegas, New Mexico. The smoke was from the nearby forest fires. We fueled up at the north end of Las Vegas, New Mexico. And just pass Las Vegas, New Mexico, we exited onto US Highway 84. This was part of the historic Route 66 and it dead ends onto I-40. We took I-40 the rest of the way to Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

The Santa Rosa Campground and RV Park is about a mile or so from the freeway, but we don’t hear freeway noise.

We pulled and got set up for the night. Our neighbors are from Australia and Bruce gave them a tour of the rig.

While I am sitting here with my foot up and my ankle iced, Bruce is talking to the neighbors.

Nox was an excellent traveler. She seem to enjoy sleeping most of the trip.

She was thrilled to get out and explore the campground. She enjoyed meeting the neighbors. She also got to see some other dogs.

Nox Looking Around While Bruce Fueled Up

6 thoughts on “On the Way to Santa Rosa, NM for a Night

    1. I wish we were staying longer in Santa Rosa, but we are only here for a night and then on to Alamogordo, NM. We loved living in Colorado and it felt like going home when we drove into Golden.

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  1. Ah, yes – our paths cross again, over some distance of time! I also refueled just north of Las Vegas, NM on my trip back from Santa Fe last year. I couldn’t resist the Las Vegas sign, to tweak the people who only think of the one in Nevada!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Santa Fe and we considered going there. We decided not to go to Santa Fe this time due to the forest fires. When our daughter was in college in Tuscan, we found ourselves stopping in Las Vegas, NM. I’d tell people we had been to Las Vegas and after a pause, add New Mexico.


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