Fireflies and Stargazing

May 4, 2022

Last week, I thought it would be fun to walk down to the pier and stargaze. From the end of the pier, the view over Lake Guntersville provides a wide open space to see the sky.

As we walked down to the water, we saw fireflies flashing alongside the road and then we noticed them flashing over the fields.

We stopped and watched the fireflies for a while. We didn’t have fireflies in Colorado, so it was lovely to see fireflies again. They are still magical to me.

Watching fireflies brings back the memories of childhood. From so many miles apart as children, Bruce and I both loved to chase fireflies. We would catch them and put them in mason jars to watch them magically light up. When it was bedtime, we would release the fireflies back into the sky.

We enjoyed talking about our childhood experiences of catching fireflies while we walked the rest of the way to the pier.

We were careful to keep the flashlight on low and pointed down so we would still have good night vision when we got to the pier.

We walked out to the end of the pier and the stars were glittering above us. Bruce turned off the flashlight and we let our eyes get adjusted to the dark. Bruce enjoyed pointing out various constellations to me. We could dimly see the Milky Way flowing across the sky.

After a bit, we lay down on the pier so we could see the stars without craning our necks.

There were some stars Bruce was curious about, so I pulled up the Night Sky app and looked them up for him.

After a while, we decided we had stargazed enough and walked back to the RV holding hands. It was a lovely simple romantic evening.

Pier at Night

10 thoughts on “Fireflies and Stargazing

  1. Those are the best kind! One of the things I enjoyed most on the RV camping trip with my cuz was seeing the stars in a dark sky. We are far enough from town here that the light does not encroach, but still, nothing like looking at stars over the ocean and hearing the tide break on the shore.

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