Visiting with Friends

May 3, 2022

On Sunday (May 1), some of Bruce’s friends drove down to Guntersville from Huntsville, AL.

We met at a restaurant called Fire on the Lake for lunch. All of us had wanted to try the restaurant. The food was very good! If you ever happen to be in the Guntersville, AL area, it is a great place to eat!

After lunch, we drove over to the RV with Bruce’s friends following behind. It is a beautiful 30 minute drive to the RV park from Guntersville, through the Lake Guntersville State Park.

When we got to the RV, Nox was excited to see us and she enjoyed meeting new people. Nox was a very good dog and didn’t bark. We have been working with Nox to discourage barking.

We gave them a tour of the RV. One of the guys has a Class B (van RV) that he uses it a lot for traveling and camping. We had fun comparing our RVs. They are for different purposes, as our RV is our fulltime home and he travels more like my blog friends from BACK ROADS AND OTHER STORIES.

We sat inside and caught up for a bit. Bruce’s friends mentioned how impressed they were by the RV Retreat. They weren’t expecting it to be so nice based on the price. I also pointed out that the Retreat also has some beautiful tiny homes as cabins in a different section of the retreat.

Bruce and I suggested a walk down to the pier. It is a two mile round trip, but so worth it. We left Nox behind since we didn’t want to carry her back.

We enjoyed talking and walking. Bruce’s friends wanted to check out the lower campground. It is on Lake Guntersville and has beautiful views. We walked through the lower campground so they could see how it was set up.

We walked to the end of the pier and enjoyed the breeze coming off the lake. I pointed out the Osprey nest, and we could see one of the Ospreys on the nest. Other Ospreys were gliding above us. We see three to four Ospreys flying regularly.

Zoomed in of Osprey on Nest

As we started walking back along the pier, we had a Killdeer suddenly appear next to us. It was puffed up to twice its normal size. It was busy telling us off as we walked slowly past it. As we walked around it, it slowly calmed down and I was able to get this picture.

Killdeer Calming Down

We got back to the RV and talked for a bit longer, then Bruce’s friends had to get back, since tomorrow was a workday for them.

We took Nox for a walk and called it a night. It was really nice that Bruce was able to catch up with some of friends in person.

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