Onto Victoria Campground, Georgia at Lake Allatoona

April 3, 2022

We had horrible traffic on I-95 heading towards Savannah, GA. The traffic was stop and go and just stopped. I was glad we had a full fuel tank.

After looking at Waze and seeing where the bad traffic was, we got off onto the coastal highway, Highway 17. It was a beautiful drive and no more bad traffic. We got back onto I-95 and took I-16 towards Atlanta. We were getting some rain, but it wasn’t to bad.

Then, the rain started coming down in sheets and visibility was 10 to 15 feet. Everyone had their hazards on and traffic slowed to a crawl. As we came out of the heavy rain to a medium rain, the traffic came to a halt, then it started slowly moving.

There was a rollover accident in the medium with the state highway police there.

We got by the accident and traffic speed up to normal speeds and we were out of the rain.

In the Georgia woods, the redbuds and dogwoods were blooming. In some areas of the median, there were wild flowers blooming.

Using the Open Roads app, I found a fuel stop for us, but there was one up ahead with way cheaper diesel. Bruce put 8 gallons in with the idea that would get us to the cheaper diesel truck stop and have some in case we ran into more bad traffic.

I took Nox for a quick walk while Bruce put fuel into the truck. I am glad Nox is a champion traveler. She doesn’t get sick and lays about sleeping most of the trip. She is always glad to get out and stretch her legs and do Nox things when we stop.

We made it without any issues to the next fuel up. Then, the I-75 traffic to Atlanta was horrible stop-and-go. I was glad we had filled up.

The RV Trip Wizard routed us around Atlanta on I-285. The traffic was light and fast to our next exit.

We arrived at the Victoria Campground after dark, at about 8:30 pm. We had been on the road since 10:30 am. It was along brutal day of driving. I admire truck drivers even more.

The campground host rode his bicycle ahead of us to show us our spot. What a beautiful spot it was! Our rig was swallowed up by the site and the camping site had a gravel pad with a picnic table and fire pit.

The Next Day

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