Nox Doing Nox Things

March 6, 2022

Yesterday, we walked to the close dog park in Red Oaks RV Resort (Bushnell, Florida). We keep her in the small dogs section.

Nox loves playing in this park. She finds interesting smells.

Nox Smells the Flowers

Later, Nox spread one of her towels out in the middle of the living room. She laid on it and went to sleep.

This morning, she used it as a picnic blanket. She went to her food bowl and carried a mouthful of food to the towel. She then dropped the food on the towel and proceeded to eat it, a kibble at a time. She then repeated the process several times.

12 thoughts on “Nox Doing Nox Things

    1. Yes, except for the buds that hide in the grass. We’ve taken to bringing tweezers with us, so we can pull the burs out of her feet. Nox stops walking and hops up the paw that needs help. Bruce will pick her up and flip Nox onto he back so he can see her poor little paws. Nox knows we are helping her and tries to stay still.

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      1. Yeah I know what you mean. I forget the name of the sticker-thingys that abound in the desert Southwest but every time we’d go there with Max it was a near fulltime job getting them out of his paws and he was not cooperative. I’m waiting to hear about Nox’s first encounter with a monster-sized Florida palmetto bug.

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      2. Poor Max! At least Nox let’s us pull the burs out without a fight. I can imagine Nox treating it like a mouse. She loves to catch mice and does the terrier shake on them. The mice don’t survive her fearsome terrier shake.

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