A Day at Paradise Oaks RV Resort

February 10, 2022

We took Nox for an afternoon walk and meet a nice couple. The husband arrived on a recumbent tricycle. The wife arrived walking their dog. They were using the dog washing facility to wash their dog. The dog washing facility is next to the first dog play area.

Bruce and the husband got to talking and the next thing we know, the husband is offering to let us ride his Spider.

We took him up on his offer and rode around the park. The husband encouraged us to take the Spider on the main roads and open it up. We didn’t feel comfortable doing that, since we would have felt really bad if something happened to it.

The husband mentioned setting up a ride on Friday, and Bruce sounded interested in joining the ride.

We got geared up and went for a ride. We swung by and showed the husband Bruce’s bike, before we headed out for the main road. We zipped along the very straight county roads for a bit.

We stopped at Sonny’s BBQ for a combination lunch and supper. The BBQ meat was good and a couple of their sauces were good. I had baked sweet potato as a side. Bruce had BBQ beans and potato salad as sides. The beans were sweet, so I added the vinegar BBQ sauce and the spicy sauce to them and Bruce was happy to eat the beans. The potato salad had a mustard and dill flavor, it was very good. My sweet potato was delicious.

The sun was setting as we left Sonny’s BBQ. We road back to the rig and Bruce put his motorcycle in the garage.

Motorcycle Away

Nox was happy to see us. We took her for a walk a bit later. She got to see several other dogs.

We stayed up later than we planned as we ate too much BBQ. We should know better, but it was so good!

It was a lovely day and I enjoyed it very much. I still don’t feel retired yet. I also keep having a nagging feeling that I should contact work to see how things are going.

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