Traveling to Paradise Oaks RV Resort

February 9, 2022

We left the KOA in Milton, FL around 9 am. I didn’t track the exact time we left.

We traveled along I-10 to I-75. We saw a couple of solar farms.

We stopped at a rest area and Nox enjoyed the azaleas.

We drove over several bridges.

Nox slept a lot. When we stopped to get fuel, Nox wanted a walk. I took her by a fence and Nox could see cows. She was very excited to see the cows.

We pulled into the Paradise RV Resort at 6:30 pm. It was dark with a cool drizzling rain. We didn’t see the office and drove past it. We started looking for our site, A7. We didn’t see anything on the road signs that looked right. So we pulled off to the side of the road. Luckily, one of the Resort’s employees saw us. He guided us to our spot and another employee even brought our paperwork out to us.

We got the RV set up and took Nox for a walk. The Resort has two dog play areas and we walked Nox to the close one. She loved getting to run.

I made supper, we ate, and we went to bed not long afterwards. As we lay in bed, we could hear and feel the trains going past. I didn’t hear them rumble by after 10 pm.

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