Slipped on Wet Cold Grass and Landed on My Butt

January 2, 2021

Last night, we had eight inches of snow. It was a soft powder snow, the kind that squeaks when you walk on it. It was beautiful and to cold for me to want to go out, so no pictures of the white New Year’s Day.

The temperature started warming up (18 degrees) last night and we had a wind howl through. The temperature continued its warming trend and it got up to 45 degrees today. We could hear icicles falling from the RV as the day warmed up.

It warmed up enough for me to go out when Nox needed to go out this afternoon.

The wind left some beautiful sculptures in the snow.

The roads are covered with snow and ice, so I was being very careful following after Bruce and Nox. I didn’t want to slip.

We got to the west dog walk area and there was grass. I managed to slip and fall on my butt. Bruce was incredulous, “You slipped on grass?” I was already getting up before he could come back and help me up. Luckily, the only thing hurt was my pride!

Nox was happy enough with a walk around the park and pleased to get back to the RV.

Almost Home!

Nox was tired from her walk and curled up to take a nap.

Snoring Nox!

19 thoughts on “Slipped on Wet Cold Grass and Landed on My Butt

    1. We did make some special prep. We used a heated drinking hose and put enough water in the fresh water and other tanks to turn on the tank heaters. We used the propane furnace to heat the RV, as it will heat the basements and garage some. We also turned on the fireplace and heater in the bedroom. The slides do get cold, but the main part of RV does stay warm. We also pulled down both the daylight shades and the blackout shades. We have been wearing sweatshirts or sweaters to stay warm. At least we have a bit of a respite from the cold. We have more cold predicted around Wednesday.

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  1. Glad you only hurt your pride! That was quite a temperature rebound. I bet you are looking forward to heading to Florida (I think that is where you said you are going where you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling.

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    1. Surprisingly, I did not hurt myself. I didn’t like walking around with a wet seat and I was happy to get back to the RV to change my pants! It was very cold to have wet clothes!

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