New Year’s Day

January 1, 2022

Bruce has taken Nox out for a short walk. It is bitter cold (6 degrees F) to this Southern girl, so I have been letting Bruce take Nox out.

Nox seems to be enjoying the snow, then suddenly she is cold and is ready to come in.

I had a towel ready for her, as she carried in snow on her feet and belly fur.

She came in and jumped right into my lap to get dried, then she snuggled onto my lap while we watched TV.

I made black-eyes peas, greens, and cornbread. It feels so comforting to have childhood foods. I don’t make them that often.

With all that I ate, I should have a very prosperous year.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. I am one of your few readers who can “brag”(?) that it was way colder where we live yesterday morning! It was -26. Poor Lyla! She actually does not mind as cold as zero, or even 5 below. But she does mind -26!! Thankfully it does not get this cold very often. Lyla and Nox will be glad when we leave our cold home for warmer places soon!

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    1. That amount of cold sounds truly awful. I wouldn’t want to try and live in the RV in that cold! I am really looking forward to head to warmer climes with Nox, as you are with Lyla.

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  2. It is bitter cold (6 degrees F) to this Southern girl, so I have bletting letting Bruce take Nox out. Wow! When it affects your spelling you know it’s cold! Happy New Year to you, Bruce and Miss Nox. Stay warm.

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