Walking Into Downtown Golden, CO

December 31, 2021

On December 19th, the weather was lovely, so Bruce and I decide to explore a trail that we hadn’t explored that started right by the RV park. We took Nox and her backpack with us.

The trail took us into Golden and turned into sidewalks along Old Golden Rd. Nox was keeping up but she started to get tired when we got to Jackson St. We put her in the backpack. She was happy to look around while Bruce carried her in the backpack.

I enjoyed seeing the South Table Mesa over Golden.

We walked to Tributary Food Hall & Drinkery and had lunch. I didn’t take any pictures of Tributary Food Hall & Drinkery. They have a section for dogs on a covered patio and they have outdoor seating as well. We sat outside and left Nox in her backpack while we ate. The food was good.

Nox was ready to walk again when we were done eating, so we took her out of the backpack and let her walk along with us.

We decided to walk back a different way. We came back along Illinois St and had some great views of the castle looking end of the South Table Mesa.

We walked past Discovery park, which had this fun skeleton.

Illinois St turned into into a trail. Nox and I both got tired and we rested on some large rocks. We watched bicycles flying by on the downhill. We put Nox back into her backpack and continued on our way. The trail was along Hwy 6, so it was noisy. The trail ended up by the Jeffco Courthouse. We sat in the garden on the south side of the courthouse and enjoyed the alpine plants. (I didn’t take any pictures.) There are several trails around the Jeffco Courthouse.

There was a light rail train waiting at the Jeffco Government Station.

The trail meet up with the tail we started on, which allowed us to cross the street at the light for Rooney Rd and Colfax.

Nox was happy to get home and curl up into her bed.

I was tired when we got back and I just stretched out on the theater seating. Bruce wanted to know how far we had walked, so he looked it up online. It was 3.1 miles there and 3.2 miles back.

8 thoughts on “Walking Into Downtown Golden, CO

    1. I hadn’t planned to walk that far, so I was really glad I grabbed Nox’s backpack as we headed out. It makes carrying her so much easier and she loves it.


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