Back From a Dental Visit With the Vet

December 10, 2021

Last week, we noticed that Nox was having problems eating on the right side of her mouth. She was making sure to crunch her food on the left side.

We looked at her teeth and thought we saw a problem with one of her teeth on the upper right gum. Bruce called the vet’s office to get an appointment. At first, Bruce was rather upset when the vet’s office told him they could see her on December 8th. Then Bruce realized that it was already December and the appointment was for Wednesday, the next week. For some reason, he was thinking it was still November.

Tuesday night, we picked Nox’s food bowl off the floor and put it out of reach. The vet’s office said we could leave water down for Nox until it was time to drop her off. We left Nox’s full water bowl on the floor for her. We could hear her drinking water after we went to bed.

Bruce dropped Nox off at the vet’s office at10 am on Wednesday. At 4 pm, on Wednesday, Bruce got a call from the vet letting us know that Nox’s teeth had been cleaned and they didn’t find anything wrong with Nox’s teeth. Bruce was told he could pick Nox up at 5:30 pm.

Bruce picked Nox up from the vet and when she got home, Nox walked around whining and wagging her tail. She also wanted to be picked up and held. After she started feeling more like herself, she went to her food dish and ate normally.

We don’t know why Nox was having problems eating on the right side of her mouth, but I am happy she didn’t have to have a tooth extraction.

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