Saturday with Jeanne and Larry at InVINtions

Originally published on December 11, 2021

Updated on January 4, 2022

There was a problem with this post. I had written about our meeting with Jeanne ( and her husband Larry at InVINtions on December 11th. I published the post and everything was fine. Later, I saw that I had an update. It turns out the update didn’t have anything in it, but I didn’t realize it, so I updated the post. In updating the post, I lost my posting. I was not happy and it doesn’t appear to be anyway to get my original post back. This updated post isn’t a full of details.

I made stuffed dates, sourdough discard crackers, and lamb pies to take as snacks for lunch. I had planned to make a dip, but ran out of time.

Jeanne brought some wonderful ham, cheese, and crostini. She also brought a lovely selection of olives. Bruce, Jeanne, and Larry enjoyed wine with their food, while I drank water. (I am on strong medication to control my compound migraine syndrome and the pain from Postherpetic Neuralgia and I am not allowed to drink. 😞 )

The conversation and wine flowed and we had a great time. Bruce tried to buy several selection of wine, but InVINtions was out of them. They did have some selections that he enjoyed available, so he bought a couple of bottles of wine and a couple of bottles of port. He had planned to buy more than a couple of bottles of wine.

Jeanne brought me a Christmas gift, of infused olive oil and white balsamic vinegar. She had beautifully wrapped them in a kitchen towel with a ribbon. I wish I had taken a picture of present before I unwrapped it.

Oil and Vinegar on Kitchen Towel

I drove Cliff, the big red truck, back to the RV. That was the second time I had driven Cliff since we bought it. I felt more comfortable driving this time, but I was still nervous driving something that big. It is funny, I drove trucks just as big when I was growing up on the farm and I never felt nervous. It has been over 20 years since I drove anything that big and I have a lot more sense now!

4 thoughts on “Saturday with Jeanne and Larry at InVINtions

  1. It’s never occurred to me to roast stuffed dates – do you do that no matter what they are stuffed with? I usually stuff them with peanut butter (instant high energy road food) or cream cheese and chives, or almonds; I can see where if you are using a harder cheese, heating would be an asset.

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