Closing Moved to October 15th

October 6, 2021

Yesterday, our real estate agent contacted us to see if we were okay to move closing up to October 15th.

We said yes. Now, we have one less week to get everything done.

The rooms are emptying out. The living room is now empty.I have most of the kitchen cleared out. We are staging the furniture in what used to be our library.

We are emptying out the stuff from the indoor swimming pool, which is a story for another time. We treat it like a basement.

It is a good thing I took this week off. I may need to take next week off as well. It is hard to believe it is already Wednesday.

13 thoughts on “Closing Moved to October 15th

  1. Moving out is always a major pain in la derrière and with your eye on the prize of new life in the RV, I’ll bet you can’t wait until it’s done. Watch the back; lift with the legs; remember that beer is an excellent form of hydration. Don’t step on the dog!!!!

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    1. The dog has had a couple of close calls already. She is really curious about all the activities we are doing and is following us closely. We send her to her bed and she stays until we go outside, then she has to see what we are doing.

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  2. I have enjoyed reading about your dream coming true. Today my eyes opened wide, and I said to myself, “She wanted to live in an RV when she had an indoor swimming pool?????”

    I love swimming. John does not. It would have done no good to long for any kind of swimming pool. I just had a thought, though. My next place to live will likely be a retirement home, and it might have a swimming pool!

    Good luck on clearing out the house.

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    1. The swimming pool had been covered over years before we bought the house. The space had been turned into a bedroom and what we used as our library. We didn’t find out about it until a neighbor mentioned that she learned to swim in the pool in our house. We thought she meant that a pool had been filled in outside in the backyard. When we did a remodel, in removing the carpet, we discovered a vent that went to the swimming pool! The pool was still there, but the liner had been cut and tossed into the bottom of the pool. We had our contractor cut a hatch into the pool. We put in a radon mitigation system, which put in a tough cover over the bottom of the pool. This allowed us to use it as storage. We finished clearing it out today.


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