The Great Conjunction

December 22, 2020 Bruce and I were excited about the great conjunction. We lucked out, the sky was clear, so we could see Jupiter and Saturn appear so close together. The day before, it had been cloudy, so we weren’t sure we would be able to see it. Bruce got out his two telescopes and […]

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Colorado Gives Day Success!

December 9, 2020 Yesterday, Colorado residents gave to the nonprofits they support. They raised a record $50,050,610 for local nonprofits! Last year, Colorado Gives Day raised a record of $39.6 million. From the press release fun facts: More than 225,440 donations were made to 2,828 organizations. Amounts ranged from $5 – $200,000. 23,214 donations were […]

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Colorado Gives Day Is Here!

December 8, 2020 I am always excited when Colorado Gives Day arrives! All the money I have set aside per paycheck now goes to the five charities that I support. I give to Alzheimer’s Association, Friends of Foothills Animal Shelter, Rocky Mountain Public Media, Jefferson County Library Foundation and Angels with Paws as these mean […]

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Nox’s Playmate

November 22, 2020 After having a lazy morning hanging out with Nox, checking post, catching up on email and comments, it warmed up enough to go outside and do some raking. Nox happily followed me outside. While I set up the bag for raking by inserting a stiff bit to plastic into the bag to […]

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Fraud Trends

October 21, 2020 In my day job, I work as a Software Solutions Architect at a bank. I’d like to share with everyone an email that our fraud department sent to customers. I am going to change the bank name to bank and I am going to make other parts generic, but other than that, […]

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ABA’s Education Campaign

October 5, 2020 In my day job, I am a Solutions Architect * who works at a bank. Since fraud is on the rise, I thought I would share information about the American Bankers Association (ABA) campaign to raise awareness of phishing scams as part of the national Cybersecurity Awareness month. The campaign is under […]

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Snowy Morning!

September 9, 2020 I woke up this morning to two inches of snow! Colorado weather is so strange. It was in the 90’s on Monday, it snowed on Tuesday with the daytime temp staying in the low 30’s, and it is still snowing this morning with a temp of 30! (All temps are in Fahrenheit.) […]

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Grapes Ready to Eat

September 4, 2020 This picture is from August 24. The Concord grapes had ripened in mid-to-late August. You can see were I had pulled off some grapes that had ripened earlier. While the raccoons didn’t get the grapes this year, the squirrels developed a fondness for them and ate a lot of the grapes.

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