RV Moving Day – In New Spot

June 9, 202

Using Changing Lane’s check list, with a few items added on from the FROG checklist, we got the RV closed up, hitched, and ready to go.

We turned on our walkie-talkies so I could warn Bruce of any problems as he pulled out of the spot.

Part way out of the park someone else came onto the channel we were on. Bruce yelled to change to channel 3 an for the life of me, I couldn’t see how to change the channel. I decided it was better to watch the RV and yell if something went wrong. We left the campground at 10 am.

We made it safely from the campground and onto the I-70. We exited onto I-225 and safely made it to the road the campground was on.

There was a sign that said office, then do not enter, keep going. So we followed the directions on the sign. We saw a large sign for the campground up very high so it could be seen from the freeway. We naturally thought there was an entrance for the office under the sign. We discovered there was no office entrance under the sign and then we were past the campground.

I had google maps up, and Bruce determined we could make a block. Once we made the block and we were next to the campground fence, he called the office. He was told to go to the office that we had driven past. The entrance was just to right of the sign that said do not enter.

Bruce checked in and picked up a map. Somehow, I got confused about which side of the RV had the utilities. I asked Bruce and he got confused as well. We pulled the rig in on the wrong side of the pedestal had to go back out to the street to get around to the right side

Once we got parked, we put the snap-on rubber pads we had purchased for the RV feet onto the feet. We are on an asphalt pad or really a parking lot with connections.

We followed Changing Lanes set up check list and as soon as we had power, we turned on the AC. It is a very hot day, 91 degrees F.

After we finished the setup and cooled down from the heat. We walked around the park. I’ll do another post about that.

9 thoughts on “RV Moving Day – In New Spot

    1. Getting set into the park and getting set into the spot was a lot more stressful than it needed to be due to our mistakes. We learned a couple of things and nothing was damaged, so I feel pretty good about the move.

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