Moving to a New Local RV Park on Wednesday

June 4, 2021

On May 29th, as we were walking Nox around the RV Park, we walked by the office. I suggested to Bruce that it would be a good idea for him to stop in to extend our stay another 2 weeks and I would walk Nox back to the RV.

A short time after Nox and I were at the RV, Bruce came in with the news that the park was full and we would have to move on June 9th. Moving the RV has been something we’ve been excited and nervous about.

We didn’t want to move to far from the house since we are still needing to keep it up. Last week and this week, Bruce started calling RV parks and checking web sites to find another spot for us to stay.

We were becoming concerned that we would have to stay in the house and park the RV on the street, when he found a RV park we could stay at for two weeks.

This weekend, we will be looking around the RV with the checklists we have from Changing Lanes and FROG (Forest River Owners Group) to get as much figured out for the move on Wednesday. To make it easier to move, I’ll be taking Wednesday off to help with moving and setting up.

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