Retirement RV Dream Delayed

May 25, 2021

I had hoped to turn in my two weeks notice yesterday for my retirement. Since our house hasn’t sold, my retirement is delayed. I will work until the house sells. I am glad I told my boss that I will work until June 4th or until the house sells, which ever is later.

I am lucky to work for a company that is happy to have me stay as long as I want to stay. I have been very flattered by the rejoicing in the announcement of my delayed retirement.

I do have an unusual house, it is a real Mid-Century Modern house, with vaulted ceiling and a balcony hallway that overlooks the living room. The house is all about space.

I am providing a link to listing of the house so you can see the pictures, if you want to of the house. The graphite and pen and ink artworks in the pictures are mine.

Delayed Living a Creative Hobby Life!

11 thoughts on “Retirement RV Dream Delayed

  1. Bummer that the house is taking longer to sell, but I am sure the right buyer will come along in time. I can see that you have maintained it beautifully and everything is in perfect order with an up to date kitchen and bathrooms. Good luck! Your art is impressive!

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