Organizing Herbs and Spices in RV

May 24, 2021

Since I’ve started doing most of my cooking in the RV, I’ve been bring over my herbs and spices. The herb and spice jars were different sizes and most of jars didn’t have labels on the lids.

I did an internet search to see what other RVs were doing to store spices. The solution I liked best was having labels on the lids. If spice companies put labels on the lids, it would be very helpful. I also liked the idea of square jar instead of a round jar.

I picked the SWOMMOLY 48 Glass Spice Jars 4 OZ, with Pour/sift Shaker Lids, 713 Spice Labels, Chalk Marker and Funnel on the Amazon site.

I spent sometime on Sunday moving the herbs and spices that I have at the RV from their original jars to the new jars and putting the labels on the new jars. I still have more herbs and spices to take to the RV.

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