Washing Machine Woes, Dishwasher Works

May 9, 2021

Yesterday, I decided to dewinterize the washing machine in the RV. I read the manual and it sounded very easy. I first turned on the machine to make sure it had power. Following the instructions, I turned it off. Per the instructions, I put bleach in the softener space and in the bleach space. There is a setting on the dial for dewinterizing and I put the dial there. I turned on the washing machine and it held the start button down, and nothing happened.

Washer and Dryer in RV

I got Bruce and he got the machine to run, but no water entered the machine. After trying to figure out where the cut off valves for the lines where, he posted in the Riverstone group in Facebook asking for help.

The helpful folks in the Riverstone group told him the valve were in the bathroom, to the side of the drawers. He took out the drawers and sure enough, the valves were in a hole on the right wall. He turned on the valves and still no water in the washing machine.

Bruce thinks the valves on the machine may be turned off. He will have to disconnect the dryer from the washer to get to the valves on the back of the washer.

Well, since the washing machine dewinterization was a bust, I moved on to the dishwasher. Once again, no water. Bruce was able to figure out where the dishwasher valve was. He had to remove the drawer above the dishwasher to get to the valve. After he opened the valve, he started up the dishwasher and there was running water! The dishwasher ran fine and is now ready for use

As you can tell, I kept Bruce busy yesterday!

Dishwasher in RV

7 thoughts on “Washing Machine Woes, Dishwasher Works

    1. We expected to learn a lot, I just wish there was better documentation on the RV. I am really grateful to the kind folks on the Riverstone Facebook group. They are so willing to help.


    1. Nox spends a lot of time wondering what we are doing and laughing at us until it is her bath time. She just doesn’t understand why we wash her.


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